superior walls treated sill plate

Builder Guideline Booklet - Superior Walls

11. Installation of Sill Plate and Framing Attachments Page 24 12. Shear Wall Determination Page 36 13. Completion of the Framing / Decking connection at the top of the Superior Walls panel and the Floor Slab at the bottom of the 14.

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Sill plate cost for installation on Superior Walls for modular home?

Superior Walls did not have all the holes drilled 12 inches from the edge as they should be, so they had to come back out and our contractor is finishing up. He is following the Superior instruction booklet, but I noticed in addition to the bolts, he has nailed the sill plates together as well (the nail goes wood to wood, not into any concrete).

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Shear wall must be either a Superior Walls panel or other approved construction 12. Verify stairwell header (Pg. 37). Is the long side of the stairway opening within 8’ of the parallel Superior Wall? If “YES”: Support beam (2 x 10 sill plate and two 2 x 8’s) 2’-0

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How to Install Sill Plates: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

The sill plate transitions between the foundation and the wood framing of the walls. The sill plate is treated to act as a barrier, keeping out termites and other critters, and keeps moisture from getting under the wall framing and causing water damage. The sill plate is

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Shear Walls • henW StrandGuard ® TimberStrand ® LSL sill plates are used in shear-wall construction, use the specific gravity of the studs when determining the allowable shear. • Minimum edge nail spacing for 2x sill plate: one row at 4" on-center. (1) Reference modulus of

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©2015 Superior Walls of America, Ltd. 1 of 1 SWA DOC 50-2350 02/26/2015 This document is designed to supplement and clarify the top of wall attachment requirements listed in the Superior Walls Builder Guideline Booklet (BGB).

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Technical Guide 2-1-2010 Edition - with Technical Design & Finishing Guide - Superior Walls

©2010 Superior Walls of America, Ltd. TDFG:4 TECHNICAL GUIDE 02/01/10 2. Place one (1) 5,000 psi 4” x 4” x 1/4” plastic shim against the footer beam, as shown below, at each panel joint and as required to maintain a maximum spacing

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Pressure-Treated Sill Plates and the Building Code - GreenBuildingAdvisor

While the pressure-treated bottom plate won’t rot, it is still porous and can’t keep water from wicking through it and up into the end grain of the studs. In last week’s photo, we saw the moisture content at the bottom of the stud (not pressure treated) was above 17%.

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